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Best Bargains Unveils a New Marketing Tool Designed Especially For Retailers

"Best Bargains unveils a new marketing tool designed especially for retailers"  "Canadian Jewellery Designer and manufacturer Best Bargains has unveiled a fresh new marketing tactic that included a Social Media Marketing kit specifically designed for its retailers. The kit is conveniently available on a small USB card...the USB contains an archive of over 700 jewellery photos from the Best Bargains Jewellery collection, which included branded lines like Jewels 4 Ever and Jewels by Anita..." From Canadian Jewellers Magazine 2016 Buyer's Guide. Article by Irina Lytchak  

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At Best Bargains, A Mother and Daughters Team Use the Soft Touch to Tackle a Male Dominated Industry

"A relationship with a parent can sometimes be a challenge on an ordinary day. That familial bond is compounded by business partnership — especially when Mom is also your boss. The Toronto-based family business Best Bargains has risen to that challenge and turned it into an asset...Anita Agrawal is the Chief Operating Officer of Best Bargains, a business that she co-runs with her mother and sister. She says that being a leader in a female-run enterprise has come with equal shares of frustration and fulfillment..."  From the February 2013 issue of Canadian Jeweller Magazine. Read the Full Article here. Article...

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Best Bargains Owner Named Top ‘Woman Exporter’

"The Organization of Women in International Trade, Toronto (OWIT Toronto) has bestowed its ‘Woman Exporter’ award on Rajeshwari (Sheela) Agrawal, owner of Best Bargains Jewellery...The ‘Woman Exporter’ award recognizes an outstanding Ontario-based woman entrepreneur who is a successful exporter to more than one international market. In addition, the award celebrates the recipient’s accomplishments in advancing women and/or the image of Canadian business women in the international business community through her work..." From the February 2013 issue of Jewellery Business Magazine. To read the full article, click here:       

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Our Lead Designer Participates as a Judge for Canada's Premier Jewellery Design Awards

Our lead designer recently participated as a judge for Canada's premier jewellery design awards: "Awards of Excellence". Thanks to Canadian Jeweller Magazine for hosting this great event! It's always amazing to see Canadian talent! Winners will be announced via in the coming days.

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Our Lead Designer Speaks to Challenges Facing Canadian Jewellery Manufacturers

Recently, Canadian manufacturer Martin Ross Group applied for bankruptcy protection. Our lead designer spoke with Canadian Jeweller Magazine addressing some of the emerging challenges facing Canadian jewellers in particular, and the Canadian manufacturing sector at-large.

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