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9 Essential Pieces for Your Budget Fine Jewellery Collection

Most of us dream of having a stunning jewellery collection, but the idea of it and the price of it can seem pretty daunting. We’re here to change that perspective and offer suggestions for the start of your budget fine jewellery collection. Simple classics will always do the trick for a classic finish to any wardrobe choice. The average price point for our suggestions are $30-100 MRSP


  • Pearls Studs: From Jackie Onasis to Lady Gaga, women worldwide love pearls. They can be stately or a make a statement! Often considered to be a safe, classic look they are the ultimate easy go to piece when you don't want to think about what to wear. Pearls come in a range of sizes and shapes and can add pizazz or elegance to your outfit!

Average MRSP $30 (in sterling silver) - $150 (in gold)


  • Classic Hoop Earrings: When you don't know what to wear, and want a fun but casual look, hoop earrings are the perfect look for any occasion! A night out on the town with big hoops or a cluster of small ones in all your piercings, Hoop earrings let everyone know that you are classic, laid back and fun!

Average MRSP $15 (in Sterling Silver) - $100 (in gold)


  • Diamond or CZ Studs:

Diamonds are a girl's bestfriend they say. Some might dispute that, but we think that they are actually a great classic piece to go to. Just like pearl studs and hoop earrings, diamond earrings are part of an essential trio of earrings for any jewellery collection. They are classic, versatile and always add sparkle! With affordable options like Cubic Zirconia and Lab created diamonds, you don't have to break the bank to own a pair of the ultimate sparkler.


Average MRSP $25 (in CZ and Silver) - $300 (in gold with diamonds)


  • Plain gold or silver Chain: Ever receive a beautiful pendant or charm, but didn't have a chain to go with it and so your gift sits in a box until you buy one? Invest in a good, sturdy silver or gold chain. You can use them for all your pendants, charms or even wear them on their own for a simple classic look.

Average MRSP $40 (in sterling Silver) - $200 (in Gold).


  • An heirloom piece or locket

Even if you have never received an heirloom piece from someone you love, you can create one for you and your family! A locket is a great keepsake to put photos in and pass them on to future generations. Nothing feels as special as getting an intimate piece of jewellery from a senior family member but there is always an option of creating new memories for yourself.


Average MRSP for locket ($100 in Sterling Silver) - $300 (in gold)


  • Something with your birthstone

Whether you like the colour of your birthstone or not, it's always a great idea to have that one go-to piece in your collection. Birthstones originated in the early BC’s and are often believed to come with special properties and beliefs. Contrary to popular belief, your genuine gemstone jewellery piece can be a very inexpensive addition to your collection. Put your birthstone piece on your wish list as a little treat to yourself or for someone to get you! Your birthstone will make you feel special for sure.


Average MRSP for ($35 in Sterling Silver) - $100 (in gold)


  • A Good luck Charm

Often the central object of desire in novels and folklore, jewellery is often synonymous with magic! Whether you are superstitious or not, it never hurts to have a piece that makes you feel magical or "lucky".  This piece could be your favorite crystal necklace, a guardian angel or your spirit animal! This could also be a good pick me up or motivational piece for a friend.


Average MRSP for ($20 in Sterling Silver/base metal) - $100 (in gold)


  • A fancy cocktail ring

You've just been invited to a really happening evening party, you've got the perfect dress, the perfect shoes - now you just need the perfect jewellery. A cocktail ring, as the name implies is that statement piece that will always be a conversation starter! It's the kind of ring that you can be proud of. You might not wear it every day but more than likely you’ll save it for special occasions!


Average MRSP for ($80 in Base Metal, $200 in Sterling Silver, $600+ in gold)


9) A pair of fancy or chandelier earrings


No time to change from your office to an evening soiree? No fear! A pair of fancy, large or chandelier type earrings are here to the rescue. Puff up your hair, reapply your lipstick and voila - instant party ready! There are so many choices to find that perfect large, dangly, bold pair of earrings that will accentuate your face and add some serious sparkle to any evening get together!


Average MRSP for ($80 in Base Metal, $200 in Sterling Silver, $600+ in gold)